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Time to say hi!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted! Rest assured that we have been very busy with summer time, hosting a French student over the summer and then getting our school year going!

I have been posting most of my pictures, etc. to my Facebook account, but plan to get back to posting what we are doing with school here in more detail! We have started our school year with the  younger 3 focusing on history for the first semester (along with math, reading, writing, etc.) and my oldest starting American History…an intense study along with Biology, prep for Algebra, band practice, soccer, etc.! We are way busy already!!

I will work on going back to post what we have covered in most weeks with pictures over the coming days..hoping to get caught up and stay caught up!

We had a busy week this past week with participating in a local county fair for the first time ever! The girls and I entered photographs and all 4 kids entered baked goods. I actually won a first place ribbon for my photograph..pretty good for a first try! The kids all received 2nd or 3rd place ribbons for their entries. I will do a separate post with photos of our entries/ribbons! We now have ideas of what to do for next year!!

We are getting together about every other week with another family for a KONOS Ko-op this year. Both families wanted to do this to help us stay on track through the year..and we are all working hard to do so! The high school girls are working through the KONOS HOW IV- American History Beta and the younger group, 7th grade down to 2 years old, is currently working through Vol. 1-Attentiveness-Frontiersmen/Tracking/Trapping/Predator/Prey. We will have 2 more co-op days with Frontiersmen and then move onto the Native American Indians study..which will lead us up to Thanksgiving and then a study of Christmas related units.

We are having a lot of fun ko-oping together and the kids are all learning a lot while having fun and building lasting friendships!

I will work on separate posts of all the fun stuff we have been doing and put them up in order, so go back to see what we have been doing! 🙂

Have a blessed day!


Busy Summer!

Well, we did start back to some official school a few weeks ago, but then we got sidetracked with a bunch of summer fun….and recovery from that summer fun! That is what happens when you go to the beach, have a great time in the sun for 4 hours and then realize on the way home that you are severely sunburned! So much so that by the time you are home….you are very ill and can’t move!

The beach was great, but the aftermath wasn’t so much!

So we have enjoyed hanging out with friends and have still continued music and ballet lessons. Plus my oldest in now in a Praise Band with out local homeschool group. So that has added another weekly “outing”! The kids are doing so great though and are loving it!

Here are a few pictures from our fun day! I will post more later on my personal blog!

The kids being silly for their group shot!

The boys enjoying the sand on the beach!

A couple of the many pelicans that were flying around us!