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Time to say hi!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted! Rest assured that we have been very busy with summer time, hosting a French student over the summer and then getting our school year going!

I have been posting most of my pictures, etc. to my Facebook account, but plan to get back to posting what we are doing with school here in more detail! We have started our school year with the  younger 3 focusing on history for the first semester (along with math, reading, writing, etc.) and my oldest starting American History…an intense study along with Biology, prep for Algebra, band practice, soccer, etc.! We are way busy already!!

I will work on going back to post what we have covered in most weeks with pictures over the coming days..hoping to get caught up and stay caught up!

We had a busy week this past week with participating in a local county fair for the first time ever! The girls and I entered photographs and all 4 kids entered baked goods. I actually won a first place ribbon for my photograph..pretty good for a first try! The kids all received 2nd or 3rd place ribbons for their entries. I will do a separate post with photos of our entries/ribbons! We now have ideas of what to do for next year!!

We are getting together about every other week with another family for a KONOS Ko-op this year. Both families wanted to do this to help us stay on track through the year..and we are all working hard to do so! The high school girls are working through the KONOS HOW IV- American History Beta and the younger group, 7th grade down to 2 years old, is currently working through Vol. 1-Attentiveness-Frontiersmen/Tracking/Trapping/Predator/Prey. We will have 2 more co-op days with Frontiersmen and then move onto the Native American Indians study..which will lead us up to Thanksgiving and then a study of Christmas related units.

We are having a lot of fun ko-oping together and the kids are all learning a lot while having fun and building lasting friendships!

I will work on separate posts of all the fun stuff we have been doing and put them up in order, so go back to see what we have been doing! 🙂

Have a blessed day!


First Day of School!

We started school this year a bit later than I normally do, but right on track with the local public schools! We had a more relaxed day of getting our supplies organized and set up, watching school related movies, making moccasins and sharing yummy frozen coffee drinks!!! Can you think of a better way to start the year?

Here are a few pictures of our day! 🙂

Cooperation: States and Regions – New England

Here is our plans/activities for Week 2! We are just finishing this up this week.

Cooperation: States and Regions – New England

Week 2 of 14

Day 1

  • Bible: Phillipians 1:6 (review founding of America/New England with The Light and the Glory)
  • Songs: Seafaring songs and “This Little Light of Mine”
  • Writing: Older – report on whaling process
  • Middle – report on making maple syrup
  • Younger – report on 3 whales with pictures
  • Pick/assign books for individual reading/reports
  • Add New England states pages to the 50 States Notebook
  • Family Reading (for the next 2 weeks): Carry On Mr. Bowditch by jean Lee Latham
  • #31 – discussion – what comes to mind when you think of New England…see Volume for details
  • #32 – Add landmarks to big map &/or maps in notebook
  • #33 – Look at map, answer questions on page 110
  • #34 – Business to start in New England?
  • #36 – Plan 2 week field trip to New England..see Volume for ideas
  • #37 – Visit travel agency for info on New England
  • #38 – Observe New England architecture..see Volume for more details
  • Books used:  United States Coloring Book by Rod & Staff Publishers
  • Heroes of History Maps of the United States by Emerald Books (YWAM)
  • Facts About the 50 States by Sue  Brandt
  • Carry on Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham
  • The Light and the Glory for Children

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Day 2

  • Bible: review Phillipians  1:6 and history of N.E.
  • Writing: all–work on reading and outline/first draft of info
  • #64 – How is maple syrup processed?
  • #65 – Eat pancakes with maple syrup
  • #66 – Eat maple syrup snow cones
  • #43 – Puritans – Boston Baked Beans pg 111
  • #44 – Boston Brown Bread pg 112
  • #56 – How to make nets, and tie knots, pg 113
  • #67 – Lighthouses, see Volume
  • Do Massachusetts and Vermont Notebook pages
  • Books used: Kids Learn America by Patricia Gordon
  • The United States Cookbook by ‘DAmico and Drummond

Day 3

  • Bible: review Phillipians 1:6 adn history of N.E.
  • Writing: all work on proofing and re-writing info to turn in
  • #42 – make N.E Boiled dinner or similar version, see pf 111
  • #57 – Study whales, see page 114
  • #58 – Study whaling industry, see page 114
  • #59 – watch Moby Dick
  • #60 – Dramatize whaling
  • #61 – talk like they do in New England see pg 114
  • #62 – play lacrosse, see pg 114
  • #55 – sing sea-faring songs
  • Resources:  video of Moby Dick..1956 version

Cooperation: States and Regions – Overview

 Hello! I have not been able to keep everything updated this year like I wanted to! I hope to be able to keep up with posting what we are doing with our unit through the end of the year. This is a 14 week unit..so we will be working on it through the end of June!

We are having a lot of fun already!

I will do a separate post for each week’s worth of activities..with an outline of what we did/resources we used and pictures! Depending on how many pictures there are, I will probably do a slideshow….it is the easiest way to post a lot of pictures and still be able to explain what we are doing!

If you have any questions about our activities, please let me know!

We use the KONOS curriculum. The unit we are doing is from Volume 3. The numbers/pages referenced are from Volume 3: Cooperation-States and Regions

Week 1 of 14: Overview

Day 1

  • Bible: Romans 12:18
  • #1 – attempt to draw outline of US..practice throughout unit
  • #2 – attempt to label states on wordless map
  • #10 – Where would you find major natural disasters (see book)

Day 2

  • Bible: romas 14:19
  • Writing: #14 (older) – write book about USA..various options in Volume
  • #15 – Make “States” notebook– add to it as you go through the unit
  • #21 – Learn to spell states
  • #22 – Learn two-letter state abbreviations
  • #24 – learn cities and identify on map
  • #25 – learn time zones
  • (older) #13 – Plan family trip to National Parks.

Day 3

  • #21 continue
  • #22 continue

Day 4

  • Bible: 1 Timothy 2:1-2
  • Give students pages with state names and abbreviations for notebook reference
  • #26 – Learn National parks (see pg 109)
  • #27 – Do puzzles of US
  • #28 – use puzzle, find missing state
  • #30 – Use puzzle..sort by region (see Volume)
  • Mark regions on big map
  • #3 – build own big US Map or make large map (see book for details)
  • #4 – take pictures of work in #3
  • #5 – Add lakes,, rivers and mountains to map(s)

Inquisitiveness: Earth — “Earthballs”

Here are some pictures from the “Earthballs” the kids made with Dad last week while I was working. I was able to sample them when I got home–they tasted really good and were huge!

My oldest daughter and husband worked together to do the meatballs and take these pictures!

They did talk about what each part of the “Earthball” was supposed to represent in relation to the real Earth. We also followed up the next day during our reading time about the layers of the Earth.

I can assure you that your children won’t forget the basic layers of the Earth if they work to make Earthballs!

Here we have the makings of the core and mantle (peanut put in the center of the cheese cube).

Here is Dad forming the crust of our Earthball.

Some of the Earthballs prior to cooking.

Two of the finished Earthballs.

Cutting the Earthball…

First view of the Earthball layers — the core wanted to slide out of the mantle!

A better view with the layers in place–before being consumed for dinner!

New Unit: Inquisitiveness – Earth

We began a new unit a couple of weeks ago, though it is taking us a long time to get through everything because of our schedule!

We use the KONOS curriculum. We are currently also subscribing to the online co-op that they have started offering for Volume 2. It has been soooo helpful this year! You can not imagine the amount of teacher training you get from listening to/watching a master teacher/curriculum author teach you how to teach your own children! It is awesome! You should check it out at: www.konos.com and www.homeschoolmentor.com

Here are some pictures of what we covered the first day!

We read about/reviewed the atmosphere of the earth, talked about what it might be like as you go through each level and the kids drew a diagram of the layers also. (Above, the kids working on their drawings–youngest did the layers of the Earth first on his own!. Below, my diagram on the board for the younger ones to refer to as we talked/drew.)

This is the diagram I drew as we discussed what gases are in the atmosphere. The diagram on the left is what the kids guessed for amount of the various gases. The right is what they actually are (as well as I could draw them!).

This is what our table looked like after we finished our “formal” studies for the day and the kids brought out all the rocks we have collected in the past (we will be studying rocks in the upcoming weeks also) and started sorting and looking at them.

I will get more posted as I can!

Notes on: Inquisitiveness: Scientists/ Scientific Method

Well, I am finally getting around to posting what we are working on. I will type of all my plans formally and post the file soon. We were delayed in getting going with this next unit because of everything else going on in our lives right now!

We did our first official day of activities yesterday. I am listing what we did do yesterday with a couple of pictures of one of the games. So far, not much to take pictures of as it has been reading and discussion mainly.

Unit: Inquisitiveness
Sub-Unit: Scientists/Scientific Method
Week 1 of 5 (or so)
Focus: Scientific Method, Observation Skills

Bible: Ecclesiastes 7:25
Examples: Anaxagorus, Aristotle, Francis Bacon
Books: Men of Science, Men of God by Henry M. Morris
Francis Bacon – Pioneer of Planned Science by Benjamin Farrington

*Assign scientist for each to study during unit

Family Reading: books above
Writing: #20-research and then observe at the zoo an animal–write about it
Older-#11, #12–syllogism

Day 1 (what we actually accomplished on 10-8-07)
1 (p22) God gave minds to think
3 (p22) blindfold – eat/smell
5 (p22) experiment with items
6 (p22) observe and explore
Problem Solving:
9 (p23) Game-characters-figure out with questions
13 (p24) Inductive Reasoning — Francis Bacon

Read: Men of Science, Men of God–Introduction and info on Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon-Pioneer of Planned Science–Intro and Chp 1

Here are a couple of pictures from the game–you write a character on an index card and tape it to the person’s back. They have to try to figure out who they are by asking only yes/no questions. We did give some clues for the younger ones after a time of trying to figure it out. We did Biblical characters first and then Disney cartoon characters next. You can really use any type you want–or try different categories.