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Usborne Books at Home!!

Come explore the world of Usborne Books at Home! We offer high quality, attractive books in a variety of bindings for children of all ages! Our products range from cute baby board books to huge volumes on History and Science topics that are Internet-linked for added learning depth and fun!

You can purchase products directly through my website or host a party for free and discounted items while we share what Usborne is about with your friends and family! This is also a wonderful opportunity to earn income while sharing your love of books with other people!
A child’s interest in reading and learning is stimulated by the lavish illustrations and informative content. There are over 1300 bright, colorful and fun titles covering activities, puzzles and a wide range of subjects for children of all ages! Many specially priced sets are available as well as unique craft, fun and learning kits.
Please contact me for additional information!
Contact: Wendy Clayton
Phone: 210-599-6598
Area: based in NNE San Antonio, available for business in all San Antonio and surrounding areas
I have become an Usborne Book Consultant and would love your support! You can find many books to support your homeschooling, just for fun and great for gifts!!
If you don’t think your kids will like them, just have them check out the website or request a catalog from me and I will get one to you! My kids love the books and they have a list going of the ones they would like for Christmas!!
Shopping via the website you can find discounted items, new items and specials that you don’t get in the catalog. If you order $85.00 worth of books or more, you will earn free books also!
Please let me know if you have questions, if you are looking for certain items or if you would like to host a home show or eshow (internet show).
Thanks for looking!

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