Updates about our life of learning!

We took a field trip back in April 2008 to the Japanese Tea Gardens and Brackenridge Park. I was able to post a few pictures but didn’t have time to post nearly enough!

A friend just recently told me about SmileBox, so I have been making slide shows tonight!

I posted one about our recent cat pregancy/delivery experience on my other blog at: http://www.wendyclayton.blogspot.com

This field trip to the Japanese Tea Gardens was a lot of fun. I would love to go back by ourselves for more time to look around, draw, etc. There were other school groups visiting that day also, so it wasn’t as quiet as I remembered it being when my husband and I used to go out there when we were dating! 🙂

I think when it cools off some more, the kids and I will head down there again…I want to go by myself also to draw…something I haven’t done in ages!

My oldest daughter also took some of the pictures. I included all of them.

Hope you enjoy!

Click to play Japanese Tea Gardens
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Make a Smilebox slideshow

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