Updates about our life of learning!

Busy Summer!

Well, we did start back to some official school a few weeks ago, but then we got sidetracked with a bunch of summer fun….and recovery from that summer fun! That is what happens when you go to the beach, have a great time in the sun for 4 hours and then realize on the way home that you are severely sunburned! So much so that by the time you are home….you are very ill and can’t move!

The beach was great, but the aftermath wasn’t so much!

So we have enjoyed hanging out with friends and have still continued music and ballet lessons. Plus my oldest in now in a Praise Band with out local homeschool group. So that has added another weekly “outing”! The kids are doing so great though and are loving it!

Here are a few pictures from our fun day! I will post more later on my personal blog!

The kids being silly for their group shot!

The boys enjoying the sand on the beach!

A couple of the many pelicans that were flying around us!


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