Updates about our life of learning!

Here are some pictures from the “Earthballs” the kids made with Dad last week while I was working. I was able to sample them when I got home–they tasted really good and were huge!

My oldest daughter and husband worked together to do the meatballs and take these pictures!

They did talk about what each part of the “Earthball” was supposed to represent in relation to the real Earth. We also followed up the next day during our reading time about the layers of the Earth.

I can assure you that your children won’t forget the basic layers of the Earth if they work to make Earthballs!

Here we have the makings of the core and mantle (peanut put in the center of the cheese cube).

Here is Dad forming the crust of our Earthball.

Some of the Earthballs prior to cooking.

Two of the finished Earthballs.

Cutting the Earthball…

First view of the Earthball layers — the core wanted to slide out of the mantle!

A better view with the layers in place–before being consumed for dinner!


Comments on: "Inquisitiveness: Earth — “Earthballs”" (1)

  1. helloworldbea said:

    I don’t eat meat, but some of my co-workers would love this.

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