Updates about our life of learning!

We began a new unit a couple of weeks ago, though it is taking us a long time to get through everything because of our schedule!

We use the KONOS curriculum. We are currently also subscribing to the online co-op that they have started offering for Volume 2. It has been soooo helpful this year! You can not imagine the amount of teacher training you get from listening to/watching a master teacher/curriculum author teach you how to teach your own children! It is awesome! You should check it out at: www.konos.com and www.homeschoolmentor.com

Here are some pictures of what we covered the first day!

We read about/reviewed the atmosphere of the earth, talked about what it might be like as you go through each level and the kids drew a diagram of the layers also. (Above, the kids working on their drawings–youngest did the layers of the Earth first on his own!. Below, my diagram on the board for the younger ones to refer to as we talked/drew.)

This is the diagram I drew as we discussed what gases are in the atmosphere. The diagram on the left is what the kids guessed for amount of the various gases. The right is what they actually are (as well as I could draw them!).

This is what our table looked like after we finished our “formal” studies for the day and the kids brought out all the rocks we have collected in the past (we will be studying rocks in the upcoming weeks also) and started sorting and looking at them.

I will get more posted as I can!


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