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Notes on: Inquisitiveness: Scientists/ Scientific Method

Well, I am finally getting around to posting what we are working on. I will type of all my plans formally and post the file soon. We were delayed in getting going with this next unit because of everything else going on in our lives right now!

We did our first official day of activities yesterday. I am listing what we did do yesterday with a couple of pictures of one of the games. So far, not much to take pictures of as it has been reading and discussion mainly.

Unit: Inquisitiveness
Sub-Unit: Scientists/Scientific Method
Week 1 of 5 (or so)
Focus: Scientific Method, Observation Skills

Bible: Ecclesiastes 7:25
Examples: Anaxagorus, Aristotle, Francis Bacon
Books: Men of Science, Men of God by Henry M. Morris
Francis Bacon – Pioneer of Planned Science by Benjamin Farrington

*Assign scientist for each to study during unit

Family Reading: books above
Writing: #20-research and then observe at the zoo an animal–write about it
Older-#11, #12–syllogism

Day 1 (what we actually accomplished on 10-8-07)
1 (p22) God gave minds to think
3 (p22) blindfold – eat/smell
5 (p22) experiment with items
6 (p22) observe and explore
Problem Solving:
9 (p23) Game-characters-figure out with questions
13 (p24) Inductive Reasoning — Francis Bacon

Read: Men of Science, Men of God–Introduction and info on Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon-Pioneer of Planned Science–Intro and Chp 1

Here are a couple of pictures from the game–you write a character on an index card and tape it to the person’s back. They have to try to figure out who they are by asking only yes/no questions. We did give some clues for the younger ones after a time of trying to figure it out. We did Biblical characters first and then Disney cartoon characters next. You can really use any type you want–or try different categories.