Updates about our life of learning!

Funny how…

It is always so interesting how no matter how well planned I try to be, things just don’t seem to go as planned! In the midst of stressing over trying to get all my kids weekly goals planned and typed up, trying to stick to our new schedule while trying to prepare for the start of our local homeschool group’s co-op in two day—God shows me how the little things are what really reach the kids! He allows me to see that despite all my well laid plans and goals, He really is working on each of them. They really are “getting it”. They really are hearing what I say and thinking through the many discussions we have had.

Needless to say, our lives have been crazy still and we haven’t gotten through one whole day of my schedule yet, but the kids are making progress and showing additional interest in reading on their own and reading harder and more involved books…one of those things you just wait for them to do!

We have been having a lot of fun family time together and are looking forward to starting our co-op on Friday. We will get into a good schedule sooner or later. My husband has just decided to take next week off–which will change some of our plans for the week also. But God is in control and He is ultimately responsible for taking all of our effort and changing it into His plan for the kids lives. He can make changes in them instantly that I would spend years “trying” to do!

Just remember to keep praying and trusting Him to work it all out–DESPITE our best efforts!!

Here are two files showing my master daily and weekly schedule at the moment.

Weekly Schedule Planner

Daily Time Schedule

I started reading a book at my friend’s house the other day and she was going to give it away, so I brought it home to finish reading through it. I would highly recommend it to any new homeschooling mom/family as well as someone like me who has been doing this for awhile but needs a “pick me up” or a new perspective.

The book is “The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling” by Debra Bell–the 2001 Edition. It is an older edition but still very relevant and so helpful! I was attracted at first to the learning styles section and then have been reading through many other sections. It is helpful to see how others have worked with their kids, planned out their years, etc., etc. She gives great guidelines for planning out all subjects areas. I am finding it really interesting reading!

Hope you can check it out!


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