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Inquisitiveness: Research and Reference

I finally got my plans for our first unit typed up. I will add some details of what we actually did with pictures as appropriate as we finish up the unit!

Just click the link to download my lesson plan for this 2 week unit.

Inquisitiveness: Research & Reference file


Time off and Back to School!

It has been a while since I posted as we finished up our Inventions/Simple Machines unit then took a break for a couple of weeks to enjoy summer and for me to plan/prepare for the start our new year!

We have gotten back into our routine slowly as there have still been a number of summer events still going on. This coming week we will work on getting into our “real” schedule, but Dad will be out of town for 3 days (unusual event for us) and there are a few final summer/back to school events to attend.

We spent a couple of days getting and organizing our new school supplies. The kids also enjoyed designing their binder covers for their “general” binder and their artist/composer binder. I need to download those pictures to post as my oldest two spent a good amount of time designing their covers and they look great! We went to Hobby Lobby one day a couple of weeks ago so they could pick out stickers and special paper to use to decorate their binder covers.

Below are a couple of pictures of “school supply day”!

We have started our first unit of the year: Inquisitiveness: Research & Reference

I am still behind my “perfect plan” of preparation for all areas of school, but I am working on getting things in order and getting all my plans typed up and new checklists updated. We had to go ahead and start or we would be waiting forever!

I will post more about what we are doing soon!