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We covered Electricity and Benjamin Franklin this week. This is week 5 of 6 of this unit. It was another exciting week of co-op learning activities!

Unit: Resourcefulness
Sub-Unit: Inventions/Energy/Electricity
Focus: Electricity, Ben Franklin
Week: 5 of 6
Bible: Job 38:35, Psalms 135:7; Jeremiah 10:13

Books: Benjamin Franklin by D’Aulaire
How Things Work (parts on electricity–love those mammoths!)

Helpful sites:
coloring pages: about.com–Ben Franklin
links: www.surfkids.com/electric.htm

Writing: Older/Middle-3(p76) research pacemakers
Younger-18(p78) list in order
Family Reading: Ben and Me

Video: Ben Franklin–Nest video

Daily: Bible verse/story
Read books on activity topics

Day 1 (us):
Read over all verses & those nearby by
copy Jeremiah 10:13 for notebook
Read Chp. 1 of Ben & Me

Day 1 – Co-op:
Read pg 1-25 of Benjamin Franklin by D’Aulaire
coloring pages of Ben Franklin and electricity while reading
Read about electricity
4(p76) experiment
9(p77) balloon
11(p77) comb/tissue paper/balloon
6(p76) glass/silk/feathers
10(p76) balloon experiment (w/comb and w/jar)
12(p78) record/cereal/fur
17(p78) art/craft–cotton/foil
19(p78) Ben Franklin – read about
20(p79) lightning rod
24(p80) lightbulb
27(p80) lights — tried them to see what worked
28(p80) c-batteries –tried to see what worked
25(p79) game

Day 2- Co-op:
Reviewed verse
Finished Benjamin Franklin D’Aulaire book
Read about electric circuits in   How Things Work
21(p66) make own battery (we used a kit we had–didn’t really work right!)
29(p81) circuit/switch–foil, cardboard
30(p83) circuit puzzle
31(p84) diagram circuit-paper
26(p79) game ‘electricity’
*kids experimented on their own also with the supplies to make a circuit

Here are pictures of the fun the kids had this week:


Comments on: "Resourcefulness:Inventions/ Simple Machines/ Energy/Electricity–Week 5" (1)

  1. it’s so sad that i just know am seeing these photos!! sorry i haven’t stopped by the blog sooner!!
    thanks for letting my kids do this unit with you guys – adri’s looking forward to the next one!! 🙂

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