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Here is what we covered for week 4 of 6 of our unit. We have all been really enjoying this unit! The kids really like being able to co-op with another family and it makes it fun to do many of the activities with more kids to participate.

Unit: Resourcefulness
Sub-Unit: Inventions/Energy/Electricity
Focus: Energy
Bible: Col. 1:16, 17; 44(p72) source of energy–the Lord
47(p72) Holy Spirit

Books: Energy & Power by B. Taylor
Energy Makes Things Happen by K.B.Bradley

Songs/Poetry/Art: ‘Who Has Seen the Wind’ (poem)
‘Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go’ (song)

Writing: All: 36(p70) younger dramatize to mom
Older/Middle: 37(p70) high energy story
Older: 42(p72) write a paper

Video: Swiss Family Robinson

Daily: Bible Verse/story
Read books on activity topics
37(p11) one per day–problem solving

Co-op Day 1:

Bible Verse-Col. 1:16-17 & 44(p72)
1(p64) work
2(p64) start list
*Read about energy/work
27(p69) label energy sources
28(p69) kinds of energy
29(p69) toys
30(p69) energy sources-art–blow paint
35(p70) music comparison
5(p64) read/recite poem ‘Who Has Seen the Wind”
31(p69) potential energy
32(p69) game
39(p71) water pistols/candles

Co-op Day 2:
10(p65) steam
11(p65) shower press
12(p65) practice ironing
15(p65) light/powder
30(p69) solar art project
7(p65) pea shooters (used paper “peas” and rubber bands)
18(p65) run
8(p65) hoses & nozzles, cup targets
*discussed types of energy being used throughout these activities

Here are a few pictures of the activities from this week:


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