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Here is what we covered this week. I adjusted things a bit from my original plans because of our schedule. We mainly just did our KONOS study during our two KONOS co-op days this week.

Unit: Resourcefulness
Sub-Unit: Inventions/Energy/Electricity
Week: 3 of 6
Focus: Simple Machines
Bible: Genesis 1:28
Books: Pioneers of Science-Archimedes
The Way Things Work
Experiments with Simple Machines
Wheels, Pulleys

Bible verse/story
read books on activity topics
34 (p10) one per day-problem solving

Read from Pioneers of Science–Archimedes–pg 16-19
Read from The Way Things Work–pgs 66-71
Read from Experiments with Simple Machines–pg. 20-16, 30
59(p38) TP tube–look at screw shape
57(p38) make screw with circle of paper
58(p38) Right Triangle-wrap around pencil–what is it?
61(p38) Spin on one foot, make up spinning dances
56/67(p38) search for screws in house–discuss uses
68(p39) compare types of screws, screwdrivers
63(p38) work screws do–bolts & clay
64(p38) try to get cork out of bottle–what tool needed?
62(p38) compare different screw pitches-screw into wood–easier, harder, more turns, etc.?
74(p39) in home
85(p40) drill bit–design on wood with hand drill
76(p39) cookie cutters with playdough

Co-op Day 2: GEARS & PULLEYS
went over verse: Genesis 1:28
Read from Wheels, Pulleys
Read from The Way Things Work–gears and pulleys
142(p55) read about gears and drew examples of the different types
135(p52) hand drill
126(p51) gears go-round–made with paper and then used toy set to try it out
133(p52) gears in house
127(p52) bike
131(p52) other machines on a bike
144(p55) rope over tree/table
145(p55) brooms/rope
experiment in book with brooms


Comments on: "Resourcefulness:Inventions/ Simple Machines/ Energy/Electricity–Week 3" (1)

  1. These are great! We’re starting this unit next week. It was quite helpful to see what you did when you studied this! Thank you for posting it!

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