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Quote of the Day

My friend and I were just talking via IM and she thought the comment I made was funny, so I figured I would post it here.

We were talking about our crazy fall schedules and fitting ‘school’ in among our outside activities and commitments such as teaching classes and taking the kids to lessons/activities.

Friend: I guess – works for me… or rather… I hope it works for me LOL
Me: Yes….it’ll have to work!! We will have to make our crazy schedules work some how…praying all the way!!

Friend: ROFLOL
Me: Not funny, just true!! I have to keep telling myself “with God all things are possible!”. He is ultimately in charge of making sure our kids know what they need to know to serve Him anyway, we just need to do the best we can to allow Him to use us to reach our kids–how ever it works out!

Don’t know if you will find it amusing, but just though I’d share!

Have a blessed evening!


Resourcefulness:Inventions/ Simple Machines/ Energy/Electricity–Week 5

We covered Electricity and Benjamin Franklin this week. This is week 5 of 6 of this unit. It was another exciting week of co-op learning activities!

Unit: Resourcefulness
Sub-Unit: Inventions/Energy/Electricity
Focus: Electricity, Ben Franklin
Week: 5 of 6
Bible: Job 38:35, Psalms 135:7; Jeremiah 10:13

Books: Benjamin Franklin by D’Aulaire
How Things Work (parts on electricity–love those mammoths!)

Helpful sites:
coloring pages: about.com–Ben Franklin
links: www.surfkids.com/electric.htm

Writing: Older/Middle-3(p76) research pacemakers
Younger-18(p78) list in order
Family Reading: Ben and Me

Video: Ben Franklin–Nest video

Daily: Bible verse/story
Read books on activity topics

Day 1 (us):
Read over all verses & those nearby by
copy Jeremiah 10:13 for notebook
Read Chp. 1 of Ben & Me

Day 1 – Co-op:
Read pg 1-25 of Benjamin Franklin by D’Aulaire
coloring pages of Ben Franklin and electricity while reading
Read about electricity
4(p76) experiment
9(p77) balloon
11(p77) comb/tissue paper/balloon
6(p76) glass/silk/feathers
10(p76) balloon experiment (w/comb and w/jar)
12(p78) record/cereal/fur
17(p78) art/craft–cotton/foil
19(p78) Ben Franklin – read about
20(p79) lightning rod
24(p80) lightbulb
27(p80) lights — tried them to see what worked
28(p80) c-batteries –tried to see what worked
25(p79) game

Day 2- Co-op:
Reviewed verse
Finished Benjamin Franklin D’Aulaire book
Read about electric circuits in   How Things Work
21(p66) make own battery (we used a kit we had–didn’t really work right!)
29(p81) circuit/switch–foil, cardboard
30(p83) circuit puzzle
31(p84) diagram circuit-paper
26(p79) game ‘electricity’
*kids experimented on their own also with the supplies to make a circuit

Here are pictures of the fun the kids had this week:

Resourcefulness:Inventions/ Simple Machines/ Energy/Electricity–Week 4

Here is what we covered for week 4 of 6 of our unit. We have all been really enjoying this unit! The kids really like being able to co-op with another family and it makes it fun to do many of the activities with more kids to participate.

Unit: Resourcefulness
Sub-Unit: Inventions/Energy/Electricity
Focus: Energy
Bible: Col. 1:16, 17; 44(p72) source of energy–the Lord
47(p72) Holy Spirit

Books: Energy & Power by B. Taylor
Energy Makes Things Happen by K.B.Bradley

Songs/Poetry/Art: ‘Who Has Seen the Wind’ (poem)
‘Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go’ (song)

Writing: All: 36(p70) younger dramatize to mom
Older/Middle: 37(p70) high energy story
Older: 42(p72) write a paper

Video: Swiss Family Robinson

Daily: Bible Verse/story
Read books on activity topics
37(p11) one per day–problem solving

Co-op Day 1:

Bible Verse-Col. 1:16-17 & 44(p72)
1(p64) work
2(p64) start list
*Read about energy/work
27(p69) label energy sources
28(p69) kinds of energy
29(p69) toys
30(p69) energy sources-art–blow paint
35(p70) music comparison
5(p64) read/recite poem ‘Who Has Seen the Wind”
31(p69) potential energy
32(p69) game
39(p71) water pistols/candles

Co-op Day 2:
10(p65) steam
11(p65) shower press
12(p65) practice ironing
15(p65) light/powder
30(p69) solar art project
7(p65) pea shooters (used paper “peas” and rubber bands)
18(p65) run
8(p65) hoses & nozzles, cup targets
*discussed types of energy being used throughout these activities

Here are a few pictures of the activities from this week:

Resourcefulness:Inventions/ Simple Machines/ Energy/Electricity–Week 3

Here is what we covered this week. I adjusted things a bit from my original plans because of our schedule. We mainly just did our KONOS study during our two KONOS co-op days this week.

Unit: Resourcefulness
Sub-Unit: Inventions/Energy/Electricity
Week: 3 of 6
Focus: Simple Machines
Bible: Genesis 1:28
Books: Pioneers of Science-Archimedes
The Way Things Work
Experiments with Simple Machines
Wheels, Pulleys

Bible verse/story
read books on activity topics
34 (p10) one per day-problem solving

Read from Pioneers of Science–Archimedes–pg 16-19
Read from The Way Things Work–pgs 66-71
Read from Experiments with Simple Machines–pg. 20-16, 30
59(p38) TP tube–look at screw shape
57(p38) make screw with circle of paper
58(p38) Right Triangle-wrap around pencil–what is it?
61(p38) Spin on one foot, make up spinning dances
56/67(p38) search for screws in house–discuss uses
68(p39) compare types of screws, screwdrivers
63(p38) work screws do–bolts & clay
64(p38) try to get cork out of bottle–what tool needed?
62(p38) compare different screw pitches-screw into wood–easier, harder, more turns, etc.?
74(p39) in home
85(p40) drill bit–design on wood with hand drill
76(p39) cookie cutters with playdough

Co-op Day 2: GEARS & PULLEYS
went over verse: Genesis 1:28
Read from Wheels, Pulleys
Read from The Way Things Work–gears and pulleys
142(p55) read about gears and drew examples of the different types
135(p52) hand drill
126(p51) gears go-round–made with paper and then used toy set to try it out
133(p52) gears in house
127(p52) bike
131(p52) other machines on a bike
144(p55) rope over tree/table
145(p55) brooms/rope
experiment in book with brooms

Resourcefulness:Inventions/ Simple Machines/ Energy/Electricity–Week 2

We have been working on week 2 of our Inventions unit. It has been a lot of fun! The kids have been learning so much and having fun doing it!

Just a disclaimer: I don’t normally plan this many activities in one day! But because we are in summer mode, we go lighter on “basics” and spend more time on our KONOS activities!

Below is what we have covered/have planned.

Unit: Resourcefulness
Sub-Unit: Inventions/Energy/Electricity
Week: 2 of 6
Focus: Simple Machines

Bible: pg 3 #1, 2,3
Songs: Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill

Family Reading: Robinson Crusoe (have been reading aloud, but also found an audio version for free on http://www.librivox.org –there are several, but we are listening to Robinson Crusoe Anew for Children by James Baldwin)

Wheels, Pulleys & Levers by M. Seller
Experiments with Simples Machines by S. Tocci
Inclined Planes by Anne Welsbacher
Archimedes – Greatest Scientist by D.C. Ipsen
Seesaws, Nutcrackers, Brooms by C. Lampton
Archimedes Takes a Bath by J. Lexau (10 yr old son has to read this)
Pioneers of Science- Archimedes by P. Lafferty (13 yr old daughter has to read this)

Great site with kid friendly info on Inventors:

Bible verse/story
Read books on activity topics
33 (p10) one per day– problem solving

(done with family)
Bible: read through and discussed Exodus 33 & 34 (not unit related)
Read: Listened to track 1-3 of Robinson Crusoe recording
Seesaws, Nutcrackers, Brooms
Archimedes-Greatest Scientist (read first chapter)
Wheels, Pulleys & Levers (read part about levers)
33 (p10) a–read over and discussed
14 (P32) lift father
15 (p32) lift rock/box
16 (p32) practice with levers
17 (p32) experiment — hypothesize
18 (p32) experiment
23 (p33) Archimedes – discuss
39 (p35) design catapult (didn’t get to this yet)

(with co-op family)
Introduced/reviewed some basics about what a lever is
23 (p33) Wrote quote from Archimedes on the whiteboard, then had the kids draw what they thought it would look like if he tried it. Then I showed them a print out of an artwork depicting the saying. They wrote the quote on their drawings.
Went over the different types of levers. Drew examples on the whiteboard. Handed out pages for them to keep in their notebook about the differences.
(found on: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/physics/machines/Levers.shtml )
20 (p33) sawhorse & board (had to do small scale–used dolls instead)
21 (p33) play on seesaw (see above)
22 (p33) various activities with seesaw (on small scale)
24 (p33) sort levers into classes
25 (p34) types of levers
26 (p34) find levers in house
40 (p36) “Lever Day” – chores (discussed as group)
32 (p35) row boat – dramatized and discussed
33 (p35) fishing – dramatized and discussed
37 (p35) crack nuts (discussed but didn’t get to do it)
38 (p35) observe levers in toilet (observed and discussed)

(with co-op family)
Read: Inclined Planes
Experiments with Simple Machines
*discussed slopes, work and inclined planes, uses, etc.
44 (p36) find in house
47 (p37) stairway experiment
52 (p37) stairs/slope
53 (p37) ladder (leaned up against different things–didn’t have sawhorse, started on the flat ground first)
54 (p37) climb mountain (discussed–will try to go to a nearby hill later on)
49 (p37) ramp experiment (vary height and discuss)
48 (p37) car ramp (varied slopes–kids spent a long time doing this after we were done also!)
* Leonardo Da Vinci’s Crossbow, looked at and talked about, discussed design and kids drew their own solution to a problem they were given — contraption to move a telephone pole one mile).

(didn’t get to this day yet, but these are what we have planned)
56 (p38) find screws
57 (p38) make screw
61 (p38) spin
63 (p38) the work a screw does
64 (p38) cork
72 (p38) practice using screwdriver
58 (p38) triangle/pencil
59 (p38) triangle spirals (TP tube)
66 (p38) spring shoes
62 (p38) compare screw pitches and work
67 (p38) types of screws
74 (p39) wedges in home
84 (p40) take apart pencil sharpener
77 (p39) types of knives
80 (p39) use knife to carve balsa wood or soap
76 (p39) make cookies with cookie cutters
82 (p39) sculpt plaster of Paris with hammer & chisel