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We have just started our new KONOS unit for the summer session. We are fortunate to be able to get together with a friend of ours and her children a couple days a week to do activities together. It has been a good first week! I will be recording here what we actually did each day–with my own kids and then with the co-op time. I am writing it up like I do my planning just with the extra notes of what we actually did.

Unit: Resourcefulness
Sub-Unit: Inventions/Simple Machines/Energy/Electricity
Week: 1 0f 6
Focus: General/Inventions
Books: How to Be An Inventor (M. Suid)
The Way Things Work (D. Macaulay)
Accidents May Happen (C. Jones)
Invention (L. Bender)
Mistakes That Worked (c. Jones)
Scientists & Inventors (A. Feldman)
Great Inventions (R. Wood)
Great Inventions (Juv 620 Great)

Writing: All–130 (p128) design new toy
Oldest-135 (p129) steps for a patent
Others-134 (p129) write backwards/code

Family Read Aloud: Robinson Crusoe (D. Defoe)

Daily: Bible verse/story
Read books on activity topics & family read aloud
32 (p8) one per day–problem solving

Day 1: (our family)
Bible-Genesis 1:28–read over and discussed
116(p126) review inventions (did this on the way home from music lessons)
117(p126) choose which is best and why (they looked through various books listed above, discussed ideas and which invention they thought was best)
118(p126) memorize motto of inventors (today-read over, discussed and used for copywork–will review daily until memorized)

Day 2:
(our family)
Bible: Proverbs 3:5–read over it and near verses; discussed, practiced and used for copywork
Read Chapter 1 of Robinson Crusoe
Practiced Inventor’s Motto
(with co-op)
Reviewed Inventor’s Motto
Reviewed Proverbs 3:5
122 (p127) “Googles” game (kids loved this!)
Read from books “Accidents May Happen” and “Mistakes That Worked”–read several entries from each book
119(p126) invention ideas–picked several groups of items, let the kids look and touch them and discuss what could be made with them
123(p127) “Name That Thing” game–played with various smaller items
120(p127) Junk box–make something–the kids used various “junk” items to make something

Day 3:
(our family)
Bible: Proverbs 3:6–reviewed 5 as well, used verse 6 for copywork, discussed and read through rest of Proverbs 3 as well
Reviewed Inventor’s Motto
Read Chapter 2 of Robinson Crusoe
(with co-op)
Reviewed Inventor’s Motto
Reviewed/practiced Proverbs 3:5-6
122(p127) “Googles” game–played again
Read and did activities from “How to Be An Inventor”, pg 18-19, 22-23, 24-25
(these were practice to lead up to designing their own toy)
131(p128) “Inventor at Work” signs
130(p128) Design own toy (I typed up the outline listed in the Vol. as a form for the kids to use with room for them to draw their designs. Some of the kids had worked on this the night before and some worked on it this afternoon.)

Day 4:
Bible: Proverbs 3:7–review 5-6 also and practice; use 7 for copywork today
Review Inventor’s Motto
Read Chapter 3 (or more) of Robinson Crusoe

179(p62) visit dump, machine shop, gather small simple machines–make “found art”

*I print out coloring pages for the kids to do during the Read Aloud time. I found a number of ship/boat pictures to go along with the first few chapters of Robinson Crusoe here:

Below are pictures from our two co-op days so far!

The “Googles” Game

Below are various pictures of the kids working on making “things” from the “junk box” (which we dumped onto the table for easy access).

This is an invention my oldest daughter made at the end of Day 1–on her own:

Here is the invention my oldest son made on the afternoon of day one on his own also:

The pictures below are from Day 3 during co-op time–learning about “reverse engineering”.


Comments on: "Resourcefulness:Inventions/ Simple Machines/ Energy/Electricity–week 1" (7)

  1. It looks like a good educational time was had by all. I love the inventions, isn’t it amazing what the mind will do when given the chance to expand. Blessings!

  2. Hey Wendy! Fun photos! The kids are having fun with this study. I’ve enjoyed my week off….but am looking forward to having the kids back home and getting back into school! Did you ever think you’d hear me say that?!?! HA!

  3. Wow this is so cool why dident i think of that!!!!!

  4. I have always wanted to invent a tv pen.

  5. hey ur inventions look osm

  6. ,.!., this is so simple w/ commonsense

  7. Looks awsome, like chicken

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