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The last week or so we have been mainly focusing on “basics” and haven’t covered as much of our KONOS activities as I had planned. I have been doing this long enough that I no longer worry about it!

I really feel led this year to keep our focus primarily on the “basics”, adding in the other additional topics as we have time and as we get more accustomed to some of the new curriculum the kids are using this year.

I have recently decided to buy the various levels of Learning Language Arts Through Literature for each child. Despite what I had heard from other people, it is just what I am looking for! It basically puts together all the various areas I was trying to cover on my own in an easy to follow layout that the kids can follow and I can easily teach. I am looking forward to the levels arriving for my 6 and 8 year olds. My 12 and 10 year old have just started their levels this week.

They have a variety of activities that cover all Language Arts areas including– copywork/handwriting, reading, spelling, grammar, critical thinking skills, dictation, etc.

Our weeks have also been filled up with a variety of activities: music lessons every Tuesday afternoon, Ballet lessons every Thursday afternoon, various Playdays or other activities on Fridays, fun days off with Daddy, etc. It has been a busy but fun time!

My oldest has just started using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science. She is in 7th grade this year. Although we cover a lot of science with our various KONOS units, I decided to start her on this to get her used to a different kind of learning which I know will help her with other KONOS related research, reports, etc. She is enjoying it so far and my 10 year old son is also watching all her experiments and we are discussing them together.

We have been doing a really great Bible Study in addition to our KONOS study of Stewardship. I will tell more about that in a separate post!


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  1. I like LLATL. I bet your kids will totally enjoy it. It’s simple but concise and uses all the different kinds of learning styles. So, a little for everyone.

  2. Wendy,
    I found your blog address through the KONOS loop. I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for being so honest about doing your KONOS activities. I have had a very hard time getting kids and things together to pull off a complete unit. We’ve done bits and pieces – but I’ve been focusing on mostly the Basics.
    I feel sometimes that I’m not doing enough – and I realize I have limitations because of a teething baby and a two year old who can be very demanding. But it’s nice to know that only doing the basics is okay.
    I love watching your feed back come across the “Loop” and I just wanted you to know.

    Be blessed!

    Amelia in OK
    aka – ComfyDenim

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